MAVBUG’s original mission was to help people with their computer issues, however, since a lot of people are helping newbies get on the internet and computing in general, our new mission is cyber-security, which is the day job of myself, Bill. So, I thought it would be appropriate that I turn the gears a little bit into my wheelhouse, so that I can help as as much as possible.

Over the past couple of years, we have seem a rise in cyber-crime, such as general fraud, credit card theft, and hacking. As one person, with a full-time (and more) job, I decided to tackle a problem, which may seem small, however if you have been using the internet for the past year or two, you know is becoming a real problem, which is DDoSing. To explain DDoSing in layman’s terms, it is over flooding a server, or network, with packets specifically to bring that server or network down so that no one can access it. Usually, it causes no long term damage, however it is a real pain. This issue affects the following groups of people the most: VOIP, gamers, people whose morals may not align with the public.

As I am writing this new write up in 2015, I can tell you that DDoSing has gotten worse than I have ever seen it before, and it will continue to get worse as even a newbie can get ahead of those malicious tools and bring down even a sophisticated network. I have seen people do this for fun the most, however it also occurs daily with competition. I am looking to help these people affected by being DDosed, I am not looking to help the DDoSers. While I do agree, there is a place for DDoSers as legal stress testers, this should be only if you are the employee of the company and have permission to perform such attacks.

I hope this sums up my mission and what this website is about. If you need to get a hold of me, you can find the contact page around my website…I’m not going to leave it here as I don’t want to receive too much spam :).

Have a browse around my website, will ya’?